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Slaik by willem-the-drawer
i have not been drawing that much lately. in fact, i made this one in just 2 hours. i did not have enough inspiration and i did't felt like it XD. but here is one fakemon based on my pet snails.

type: ground/ rock
species: the cristal shell pokemon
pokedex entry: it is the slowest of all pokemon in the world. it takes a day to crawl a distance of 20 meters. when in danger, it hides in it rock hard shell for protection.
abillity: shell armor, sollid rock, oblivious.
wondertrade gives me shiny Rhyhorn!
i dont like Rhyhorn
if you have a fave list you got to have a list of pokemon you don like so much.
here are some pokemon i realy dont like at all.

10: meowstic 
to be honest when i saw this pokemon for the first time. i kinda did like its disgin. until it attacked. does it has eyes in its ears? it look like a demon with those thing in the ears. espurr is super cute but this thing realy gives me the creeps.

9: milotic 
dont ask me why. but i just dont like milotic. it is concidderd to be ""the most beautifull pokemon" but i think it looks wierd. at least the head look wierd. the serpentine body looks okay. for the rest it looks like a wasp and e mermaid got a baby, and thats milotic.

8: sawk and throh 
i realy do like gen 5. i like liepard, i like unpheasant, i like coffagrigus, vanniluxe and even garbodor. some disgins are realy amazing. and then these guys.
i imagine someone at gamefreak watching sesame street and thought "look bert and ernie, lets make pokemon of those guys!" and some people are hating on the ice cream pokemon? no one cares about these 2?

7 :rypherior 
i never did like rydon that much but this guy is so hideouds. nothing else to say about it. just as ugly as hell.

6: medicham 
story time! jaaaj. when i was playing pokemon diamond last summer i was so excited when i got riolu. i did not had the exp share jet that time so i went to road 217 to train my riolu by the old fashioned way, putting it im my first slot. i was not planning to let it fight but anytime i encounterd medicham riolu could not escape. so ik did a high jump kick and forced me to go to the pokemon center to revive riolu >8( this happend so manny times that i grew more and mora hate for this pokemon. and later in snowpoint city, this stupid npc asks me to catch her a medicham so we could trade it for a haunter. that could be my first gengar. CLOULD -_- she gave the haunter an everstone and she got her stupid medicham. i took my revenge by making all meddicham in that erea high jump kicking drifblim and watching them faining by them selves, HA!

5: scrafty 
before you guys start asking, no i dont hate fighting types. i love fighting types, they are cool.
what i do hate is the "yolo swag pokemon".
realy? is this pokemon realy based on that kind of people who cant keep their pants above their knees?
and how is this pokemon a fighting type? how is it supposed to fight while trying to keep its pants up? why does it even have a pants? tell me!

4: darkrai 
of all 719 pokemon that excist today i see this guy the most of them al in battle. and dont get me wrong at is one beautifull pokeom. the disgin is amazing, the concept is amazing.
but why do i hate it? hmmmm lets see...... oh yeah! dark void, nightmare and dream eater. that is not an pokemon battle, that is having a darkrai an pressing buttons until the oponents team fainted. after a battle with a darkrai i want to give all my pokemon sleep talk. 

please if you use a darkrai dont be mad XD i know a guy who uses darkrai and im not hating on him. :CerisBeech: you are still cool, but i hate your darkrai XD

3: sunkern 
story time again! yaaaay.
the first pokmon game i played, pokemon soul silver. i wal playing the bug cathing contest aling with my ditto. i only had ditto because i realy loved ditto and it was just fun (and only one pokemon allowed) hower me and my ditto where running though the tall grass untill we encounterd sunkern. at that moment mistakes where made. i choose to battle it with my ditto. ditto transformed into sunkern and it sucked. it only had ingrain, growth, leech seed and drain. so i wanted to flee form battle. nope!! i dont remember what happend but escaping was impossible. i spend 20 min killing that seed just because i refused to turn of te game. it was a nightmare! screw you sunkern.

2: swallot
what can i say. it is ugly, it is stong and it is ugly. to me this is the most hideous pokemon ever. that ugly stupid face and all makes me wanna kill it as fast as possible. but the thing is. it is kinda strong. so i have to try my best to clean it from my eyesight in the battle mansion :(

1: emolga
this is it. the pokemon that has the honor to feel my hatred for it. i hate the disgin as another pickachu thingy. but that isn't even the main reason. the main reson is because of gymleader elesa back in black and white. she had 3 of those things and they where annoying as hell. i did not had so much trouble at a gym since clair the dragon trainer. everytime double team and voltswitch. why elesa, why? and in x and y exact same thing. the only good thing abaout it is that it showed me the power of minnimize and double team. thank you flying pikachu.
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I want too thank you and some others, and I want too draw a fakemon group, like what I did for Steffenka and Astralshock, so can I use some fakemon from yours for it, fanart thank you drawing etc.... xD
willem-the-drawer Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sure :)
that woulde be awesome!
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